November 2012

Whisky "The Water of Life"

The word "whisky" comes from the Irish Gaelic word "Uisge beatha" that actually means "water of life" in Celtic language.

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Six centuries of history in a glass- Vodka

Happy Vodka Day! 

Thursday, October 4 is National Vodka Day and sure, you can get a Cosmo or a Vodka Martini just about anywhere in Los Angeles to commemorate the day, but we’ve got the lowdown on the most inspired vodka cocktails in L.A. to sip on.

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October 2012

Vine Principle

The history of Greek wine is so complicated that any possible attempt to trace it back is like an attempt to outline the Greek history!

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Special times...

Shall we have a drink now?

The space has been given it's unique personality by some of our favourite djs so there's lots to keep you inspired. Plus we have frequent happenings in the bar which always bring a big crowd.

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1 year celebration event

 Celebrate our first year of operation

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