Nikko Mavridis is a DJ, producer, radio producer and a promoter!

He is considered to be one of the most respected and well-known Djs in Greece.

"Music matters" is his every day motto!For that he plays and produces music that expresses his passion for it!

As an early starter in the 90's he was one of the most energetic members of DMC Hellas and at the same time he presented a radio show in the most well-known station of his city,Kavala!His progress was inevitable and he developed to a  unique radio producer who held shows in almost all the radio stations of the city!

For the time being,his radio show "Electric Fridays" in Proini radio station is thought to be one of the best in Greece,hosting big names from all over the world (Jerome Isma-ae,16 bit lolitas,Glenn Morrison,Guy J,Kosmas Epsilon,Jody Wisternoff Christian, Cambas e.t.c)


Overall his Djing career,Nikko has made appearances all over Greece Art house, Decadence(Thessaloniki), Okeanos, Scream, Boudroum(Halkidiki) Daz, Four seasons, Fortezza Bedroom, (Crete), Almyra, Nemesis(Rhodes), Sunshine(Thassos), Pop corn(Samos), Sugar(Serres)

Momo's, My club(Xanthi)Cargo, Almura(Kavala) but also abroad in Planet(Plovdiv), Cacao club(Sofia), Momo(Varna), Time(Konstantza)

Nikko has played alongside Jody Wisternoff, Jerome Isma-ae, 16 Bit Lolitas, Matthew Dekay Miss Nine, Glenn Morrison, Jimmy Van M, Dave Seaman, Nigel Dawson, Subsky, Atmos, Pole Folder, CP and many others.He is recognised for his ability behind the decks and his unique style. His sound is a perfect mix of progressive house, deep house, tribal rhythms and souring melodies.


Lately his has been recording sets for Jorge Dept’s ‘Back to Basics’ radio show in the best dance radio of the world,the wellknown ‘Frisky Radio’ in San Fransisco!

Furthermore he has recorded sets that have been presented in Dance Radio(Athens), 88miso(Skg), Pure fm(United Kingdom), Clubbing House(France), Eradio(Germany), Global party(Hungary), Frisky radio(USA), High on House(Denmark)


In addition to all his Djing , Nikko has been quite busy in making his own music , recording as “Coda” with his partners Nicodream and Saki Tee! So far “Coda” has recorded seven singles and ten remixes, which have been heavily supported by DJs all over the world. Coda’s record label are Soho music movement,Db records,Underground Lessons,Movement Records and by so far they have made ten releases! 

The future is looking good and one thing is for sure..Music matters!