Rum: The drink of pirates (and) Caribbean

Category: Food & Drinks

The "drink of pirates' is rapidly growing in fame in the recent years, due to the popularity of cocktails, such like daiquiri and mojito, which have spread out in Europe. 

It was original cultivated in Caribbean and even though pirates eventually left the place, the rum remained. This results to the fact that Caribbean holds the first position in global production. Today, the most well known labels such as Havana Club, Bacardi and Captain Morgan comprise the white rum, which is directly bottled after the distillation process, and the dark rum aged from 3 to 14 years into oak barrels. In general, white or light rum is used for cocktails, while the black one most pleasantly served and consumed as it is. Nowadays, rum has its own respective market share in global market, offering a very good contribute in the triptych of quality-flavor-history.