History of Beer

Category: Food & Drinks

Beer is one of the oldest beverages and possesses a significant role in cultural history. The first detailed references to the art of brewing have been made by Sumerians, 5000 years ago. The word beer appears from medieval English word "ber" in consequence to Latin "bibere", which means "drink". It is made from malt, barley, yeast and water. 

The beer, thanks to the purity of its raw materials and its manufacturing method due to the nutrients contained as well as the sterilizing property of boiling; recognized not only as a simple drink but often healthy, healing, essential nutrition and supplement weapon against diseases and epidemics. In fact, the brides of Teuton used to drank the beer after it has been sweetened with honey for a month (or a whole moon) after their wedding. At the dawn of 21st century the history of beer continues, being the real communication language in small parliaments such as pubs, bars, and microbreweries from around the world.