No 18 downtown coffee bar

No 18, is located in the heart of Kavala, at 18 Alexander the Great str. and it is the ultimate cafe-bar of the town.

Besides its misleading name, this bar is not meant only for 18 years old people but for all ages, having its only criterion the entire customer satisfaction. Mr. Isaakidis Marinos as civil engineer along with Mr. Mauridis Moxianakis, as architect studied the area and combining industrial with retro style, managed to create a warm and welcoming place that once you join it, it absolutely makes you feel comfortable and friendly with their barflies.

Mainly mainstream, alternative and house music accompany you while you taste a fresh cold coffee or one of plenty of drinks and beverages, being available. You can choose between varieties of tea, served in smart cast iron set. Furthermore, if you belong to those who like to eat something with your drink, then you are in the right place, since you can taste a selection of charcuterie and cheeses, chicken sticks, sausages selection for beer, club sandwiches with spiced potato skins with barbeque sause as well as seasonal fruit salad.

Visiting is from 8:00am until very late in the evening and despite the fact that it becomes crowded every day and hour, the staff is more than willing to fast serve you. So after all, if you are looking for a cozy all day hangout place, in the city center, don’t look else, No 18 is definitely your place. It is for sure that everyone visits this cafe-bar will love it and it will become his joint. It definitely gives a new meaning to the word 'fun'.


Bar’s owners:

Gerasimidis Makis

Georgalis Nikos

Daniil Dimitris

Zertilidis Andreas