Chocolate: food of the gods

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To truly discover the history of chocolate we should go back 4000 years when the Mayans occupied the Yucatan peninsula.

They entered the virgin rainforest where they met with cacao tree and according to archaeological findings, they used to drink its bitter water since 500 BC (which in their language called "chocol ha"). The first cocoa beans reached Europe by Christopher Columbus after his fourth visit to the "New World" between 1502 and 1504. Nevertheless, initially it wasn’t of any particular interest as his treasures were considered as more impressive. The first who realized its commercial value was his co-explorer Don Herman Cortes, who first brought the cocoa beans to Spain in 1528. The Spanish kept the cultivation of cocoa and beverage preparation secret for almost 100 years. In the 17th century the popularity of the beverage spread to Italy, Holland, France and later in England, but in prohibitive at that time price, which later dropped just in the beginning of 18th century.